Thursday, 8 July 2010

Faulty goods and great customer service

Feeling really unhappy with a new supplier who I went to for a restaurant refurb a few weeks ago. My customer chose some lovely seat pads that could be easily removed if customers didn't want them. These pads have buttons and ten out of fifty six pads have lost their buttons. The supplier is saying that they will collect and look at them the next time I place an order. The minimum order is £500. I had no plans to place another order as these goods have been faulty. This puts you in a really awkward position with the customer as you want to provide them with the best possible service. The customer has now cancelled an order for further goods as they are obviously not happy. This is not a great position to be in. I feel in these current times where we are struggling to run small businesses suppliers should be providing a better service and more support. We will see how I get on later today and hope they are fair and understanding, otherwise I will have a business full of stock I can't afford or want. Happy days.....

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