Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Running out of time

I can honestly say that the madness of Christmas has started. I am not sure about you but every year at this time I always go down with flu, bronchitis or sometimes worse. I never learn. Two years ago I got to the Christmas pudding and instantly felt ill, spent three days in bed, an afternoon in hospital and too many antibiotics later didn't enjoy any of it.
I am now worrying that I'm not ready for a Christmas fair this weekend. Suppliers need to be chased, you know how it goes. Then I need to do the VAT return, my biggest pet hate. Then I also have the small problem that we have decided to rent a holiday cottage in southwold, cannot wait but need to pack stuff to take, bedding, kitchen essentials, clothes etc. It's supposed to be a permanent bolt hole! For a rest!
To top all the pressures of trying to do everything involved in running two businesses, I have 3 children to juggle, 4 including my darling husband. My youngest is currently waiting for an op probably before Christmas, few days in hospital.
So today I've taken to my bed, taken far too many painkillers and flu tabs but need to be well!
And I dare you to ask if I have started my Christmas shopping yet!!
Roll on holidays.

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