Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas panic

Well that's my Christmas fayres all done. This year the Grimsthorpe one was held in the castle in such a grand hall with beautiful lights and a wonderful roaring fire.

The only problem was it was really cold! Lots of people visited and it really started my Christmas off nicely. My most popular items were these lovely wooden Christmas decorations.

The stall looked lovely and I really enjoyed catching up with some stall holders from last year.

Managed to pick up a few presents too!

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Leonards Vintage

I had a great day yesterday buying some more additions for leonards vintage. They do say everyones junk is someone elses treasure. I couldn't agree more. I have found some lovely pink,white and 22k gold cups, saucers and cake/sandwich plates. So pretty and dainty. Can you imagine them kept for best and hardly used. I'm also loving the double handle vases I have found four in great condition, one of them has the original insert to hold flowers in place.
Cannot wait to update the website and let everyone have a look.

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Running out of time

I can honestly say that the madness of Christmas has started. I am not sure about you but every year at this time I always go down with flu, bronchitis or sometimes worse. I never learn. Two years ago I got to the Christmas pudding and instantly felt ill, spent three days in bed, an afternoon in hospital and too many antibiotics later didn't enjoy any of it.
I am now worrying that I'm not ready for a Christmas fair this weekend. Suppliers need to be chased, you know how it goes. Then I need to do the VAT return, my biggest pet hate. Then I also have the small problem that we have decided to rent a holiday cottage in southwold, cannot wait but need to pack stuff to take, bedding, kitchen essentials, clothes etc. It's supposed to be a permanent bolt hole! For a rest!
To top all the pressures of trying to do everything involved in running two businesses, I have 3 children to juggle, 4 including my darling husband. My youngest is currently waiting for an op probably before Christmas, few days in hospital.
So today I've taken to my bed, taken far too many painkillers and flu tabs but need to be well!
And I dare you to ask if I have started my Christmas shopping yet!!
Roll on holidays.

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Faulty goods and great customer service

Feeling really unhappy with a new supplier who I went to for a restaurant refurb a few weeks ago. My customer chose some lovely seat pads that could be easily removed if customers didn't want them. These pads have buttons and ten out of fifty six pads have lost their buttons. The supplier is saying that they will collect and look at them the next time I place an order. The minimum order is £500. I had no plans to place another order as these goods have been faulty. This puts you in a really awkward position with the customer as you want to provide them with the best possible service. The customer has now cancelled an order for further goods as they are obviously not happy. This is not a great position to be in. I feel in these current times where we are struggling to run small businesses suppliers should be providing a better service and more support. We will see how I get on later today and hope they are fair and understanding, otherwise I will have a business full of stock I can't afford or want. Happy days.....

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Shopping, SATC, Jamie Oliver and other treats

I have have a really busy few days, although must say I have had lots of treats which has been lovely. I went to Cambridge on Saturday for a bit of a catch up with a very old friend, we had a look around the shops and lots of chatting. The weather was wonderful so we had a coffee and did a bit of people watching. We found Jamie Olivers new eatery called jamies italian and was lucky enough to get a table. The food was fab and service was second to none. The building used to be an old library so had a wonderful dome with lovely natural light and as the kitchens are open you can see all the cooking and prep going on which adds to the whole ambiance. It is a great place to take the kids as they are very child friendly. I had the lamb lollipops and a root veg salad and it was wonderful.
I have just previewed the new Greengate winter collection and am really excited at placing an order for christmas bits. Cannot believe I am thinking that far ahead!
Finally saw Sex and the city on monday night and I thought it was very funny. Loved the clothes, shoes and handbags. My friend treated me to a much needed day at Eden Hall yesterday and it was so lovely and relaxing, thank you Mrs R!
Must get on and work! have fun....

Thursday, 1 July 2010

A day in the country

I have just got well and truly fed up with not being able to tackle my website and setting up a blog page myself. My husband has his own advertising and design consultancy and I am last in the list of jobs. So have had a go myself! Does it work?